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2DIN Car DVD Player “CVITT” – Detachable 7 Inch Android Tablet, GPS, DVB-T, WiFi





At a Glance…

  • 2DIN Car DVD Player
  • 7 Inch Detachable Android Tablet
  • GPS Function
  • DVB-T TV
  • HDMI Port on Tablet
  • MicroSD Card Slot


2DIN Car DVD Player with 7 Inch detachable Android tablet PC, GPS navigation, DVB-T TV and Wi-Fi, taking in-car entertainment to a whole new level.

The “CVITT” 2DIN Car DVD Player is causing a revolution on the car accessory market. The “CVITT” is going to be your co pilot not only in your car but also at home and in the office. Coming with a detachable stand alone 7 Inch Android Tablet, you’ll be able to take your multimedia everywhere. Dock the tablet while in the car to use it as your GPS system and take it with you when leaving your car to watch movies on or browse the web with.

Want to keep your kids entertained during a road trip? Just hand them the tablet so they can watch movies or play games. The built in battery of the tablet will last 6 hours on a full charge and can easily be charged by docking the tablet. Furthermore, an HDMI port and a MicroSD card slot are at your disposal on the tablet itself. Fitting in most cars, this 2DIN car DVD player will also allow you to watch DVB-T TV and DVDs on the 7 inch screen of the tablet. Boost the value of your car, keep your passengers entertained and impress your friends, all with the “CVITT”.

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