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4K Android 5.1 TV Box

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Turn your dumb TV into a future-proof smart multimedia center with the V3 Android 5.1 TV Box featuring 4K decoding and output as well as 802.11 ac super fast Wi-Fi


Key Features…

  • RK3368 CPU Octa Core CPU + Quad-Core Mail-T6X series GPU supports 4K decoding and output for fantastic resolutions
  • Android 5.1 operating system brings easy navigation and all the benefits of Google Play
  • Superb Wi-Fi connectivity with 802.11a/b/g/n support on 2.4Ghz Bandwidths
  • DLNA Miracast and Airplay allow you to share content direct from your Smartphone or tablet PC


Ultra HD TV Box

This sleek black box with its rounded corners is compact enough to sit nicely under your TV, but don’t let looks fool you, it conceals a powerful assortment of chips and software that will revolutionize your TV. Utilizing an RK3368 octa core CPU and with 2GB of RAM the V3 Android TV box will make any HDMI screen smart. It supports 4K decoding and video output so you can enjoy the best detail and join the 4K revolution. With 3D video capabilities you can have your very own cinema in your living room

An Android 5.1 operating system makes it easy to navigate and brings a wide range of support as well as access to a plethora of apps via the Google Play store, this will let you install all your favourits such as Netflix, TVCatchup, Hulu and more. Coming with the Kodi media player pre installed this TV box brings free access to a lifetime of TV dramas, movies and sports.

The V3 TV box’s large Wi-Fi antenna has excellent connectivity and supports the latest and fastest speeds with its 802.11a/b/g/n support on 2.4 GHz bandwidths. This ensures toy get a nice clear singnal for your wirless communications.

There is 16 GB of storage on this mini TV Box that can easily be upgraded via the micro SD slot so you should never be short on space. With left and right speaker out ports you can easily connect a sound bar, speakers or your amp to the audio output, making this TV box a great control centre for all you media needs. On top of this you can the TV box has Bluetooth 4.0 support for wireless transfer between devices and can take advantage of DLNA, Miracast or Airplay letting you share content direct from your smartphone or tablet PC.

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