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720 Degree View Action Camera

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Record truly immersive footage with the 720 degree action camera, coming with a 1.4 inch CMOS sensor and 1280×1024 recording.

Key Features…

  • The 720 degree action camera lets you take stunning panoramic shots and videos from different view points
  • Great quality pictures thanks to 1/4 inch CMOS sensors and amazing videos at 1280×1024
  • Four shooting modes:spherical panorama (touch), spherical panorama (posture), flat panorama and fisheye
  • SD card recording for up to 32GB and H.264 compression for efficient storage


Capture the world with a 720 degree action camera. Two back-to-back cameras ensure a truly unique view and let your capture mind blowing footage. Featuring a 1/4 inch CMOS sensor and 1280X1024 resolution, the action cam offers great quality video and crisp shots.

720 Degree View Action Camera for a Truly Immersive Footage

You may think is just your regular action camera a€” it is, by the looks of it. But featuring 720 degree video recording, this sports cam is anything but ordinary. Designed with two cameras back to back, it not offers incredibly immersive footage, letting you record from two different view points on the one device. You will also have several recording modes: spherical panorama (touch), spherical panorama (posture), flat panorama and fisheye.

Whether you are into action sports or not, the camera offers a truly unique perspective in the world and would make a great companion for traveling, hiking, camping or even simply riding a bike. With its unique ability to capture different view points, you will be able to film the road ahead in 360 as well as yourself riding the bike. How much more immersive can it get really?

The 720 degree sports cam comes with a 1/4 inch CMOS sensor for clear an crisp images and is able of recording with 1280×1024 resolution. The cam supports SD card recording and you will be able to get up to 32GB of storage space. Thanks to H.264 compression, your videos will be stored efficiently, without taking up too much space or compromising quality. The 2600mAh built-in battery offers up to 3 hours of non-stop working time. The cam also comes with mobile access support, for both iOS and Android.

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