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Android TV Box + Soundbar (Gold)

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2 in 1 soundbar and TV Box will enhance your TV with killer sound and graphics letting you enjoy a cinematic

experience in your living room with 4K resolutions

Key Features…

  • Low profile Android TV Box and sound-bar is your all in one media hub that will bring your TV to life
  • DVB-T2 for access to terrestrial TV channels
  • 4K video support brings the best resolutions with sport, films and games to your TV
  • Kodi 16.0 preinstalled for thousands of channels at your fingertips



This one-piece soundbar and TV Box brings 4K video support with full range speakers and woofers that offer fantastic audio quality for a fully functioning home cinema experience..

Android 5.1 TV Box

Powered by an Amlogic S905 Quad Core CPU with 2GHz processing speeds and a Mali GPU this nifty TV Box and sound bar is capable of playing games, movies and running all the business apps you require for great productivity and entertainment. Hook it up to your TV and internet for a full home office, media and entertainment system that will bring the family together and enhance the power of your TV.

Quick and easy to setup this sound bar connects direct to your TV via its HDMI port brining 4K resolutions and great quality sound to your flat screen TV. The dual 2.5 inch 15 watt speakers along with bass and 20 watt woofer will not only deliver the clear audio your TV can’t, but will turn your TV into a smart TV with access to thousands of channels at your fingertips.

DVB-T2 Media Centre

DVB-T2 is the Second Generation Terrestrial Digital Video Broadcasting that will let you pick up HDTV signals across 54 to 860MHz so by simply plugging in an aerial you can receive high definition content direct to you TV and its supported in over 20 countries around the globe including South America, Africa, Asia and Europe.

This Android 5.1 TV Box can also access a wide range of movies and TV shows direct from the internet and comes with the Kodi 16.0 media player preinstalled. Just connect to your internet via the RJ45 cable or better yet though Wi-Fi and you will be able to stream all manner of TV shows and movies directly through this TV box. alternatively get one of the many apps from the Google Play store and enjoy the latest films with Netflix, Hula or other services.


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