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Pack Drone FPV – Drone + FPV glasses + FPV screen

$599.00 $499.00

SYMA FPV Real-Time X8HG Drone – 6-Axis, Wi-Fi, FPV

+ FPV Goggles – 68 Inch Virtual Display, 3D Support, AV In, Wireless Connectivity

+ FPV 7 Inch Display “SkyView” – 800×480 Resolution, 2000mAh Battery


Pack Drone FPV – Drone + FPV glasses + FPV screen

1.SYMA FPV Real-Time X8HG Drone – 6-Axis, Wi-Fi, FPV, Removable 8MP Camera, 1080p, Barometer Feature, 50m Range

Key Features…

  • Powerful 2.4GHz control and 6 axis gyro allows you to fly in the harshest of weather conditions
  • Record beautiful 720p footage and snap 8MP pictures
  • Barometer height features allow you to set a preferred flight height, taking away the need to personally worry about the controls while in flight
  • Supporting both Wi-Fi and FPV, you’ll be able to transmit your recordings instantly and enjoy them first-hand on your FPV glasses or display


The SYMA FPV Real-Time X8HG Drone takes your ability to shoot stunning images and footage to an entirely different level. Featuring a removable 8MP camera, this quad-copter is capable of shooting beautiful 720p pictures and video from above, allowing you to explore your surroundings like never before. Built from APS material, this drone features a durable design that surely can take a hit. Added to that, this SYMA quad-copter is easy to operate and navigate, making it the perfect electronic gadget for both beginning and skilled drone pilots alike.

With its powerful 2.4GHz control system, this drone ensures a strong anti-interference performance and powerful signal – allowing you to stay in control of your quad-copter at any time. Featuring a 6 axis gyro, you’ll be able to fly this quad-copter even in the most extreme of weather conditions as strong winds will no longer stand in between you and your upcoming drone adventures. Packing a whopping 2000mAh battery, you’ll be allowed to fly for up to 8 minutes continuously, giving you plenty of time to explore your surroundings and snap beautiful pictures and footage from above.

Packing an abundance of advanced features, the SYMA FPV Real-Time X8HG Drone inter alia comes with a highly-advanced barometer that allows you to set a specific flying height. Simply insert the flying height of your liking and your quad-copter will make sure to hover and fly at this particular altitude without you needing to worry about the controls. With 50 meters of flying distance you will be able to explore your wide surroundings in no time and, thanks to its colorful LED lights located at the bottom of the drone, you’ll even be able to fly after dark without losing sight of your drone. Additionally, this camera drone also features a headless mode that takes away your fears and worries about running out of juice or control in mid-air as, with this feature enabled, your drone will always find its way back to safety on its own.

Supporting Wi-Fi FPV, this SYMA drone allows you to sync it with your FPV glasses or display and giving you a first-hand drone experience. From now on you’ll be able to experience what it’s like to be a real drone pilot while conquering the skies with your FPV paired goggles. Supporting 360-Degree flying, this camera drone from SYMA is even capable of flying upside down and allows you to enjoy stunning visuals and views from above at any time – letting you experience the world from a totally different perspective.

2.FPV Goggles – 68 Inch Virtual Display, 3D Support, AV In, Wireless Connectivity, 200m Range, 960mAh

Key Features…

  • Pair these wireless FPV glasses with an action camera or drone camera to enjoy live footage
  • Supporting AV input these glasses allow you to take your media experience to the next level
  • Enjoy three hours of continuous usage time with an epic 960mAh battery
  • When paired with your game console these 3D video glasses take your gaming experience to entire new heights


Widen your view of the world with these magnificent FPV goggles. Supporting AV in these video glasses can be easily paired with your TV, DVD player, and game consoles such as your x-box or Play Station – bringing your media experience entire new heights. Additionally, these video goggles can be connected with drone and action cameras through its wireless connectivity – giving you the possibility to view the world from an angle as never experienced before.

Simply sync these FPV glasses with your drone camera and you’ll be ready for take-off. With its superb video quality and big screen simulation, these video goggles make you feel as if you were personally flying through the sky. From how on your drone will never get lost out of sight again as with these glasses you’ll be able to see anything your drone is seeing. So sit back, relax, and get ready for take-off – with these FPV goggles you are ready to conquer the skies and experience the world from an entirely new perspective.

During those less adventurous days you spent in the comfort of your own home these video glasses allow you to pair them with your DVD player, TV-box, and even game consoles – providing you with a first hand and excellent media experience. With its built-in high-quality earbuds, these video goggles further enhance your media experience as from now on you no longer get distracted by neither outside noise nor movement while enjoying your favorite media and games. When paired with your TV- or X-box these video goggles allow you to undergo a realistic gaming experience and cinematic media experience at any time of the day.

With its 960mAh battery, these FPV-glasses allow you to enjoy your favorite media and 3D games, or to head out on your next airborne drone adventure, for three hours continuously. With its adjustable luminance and contrast, you can be assured that you will always have a clear and sharp image – guaranteeing great detail and vivid colors. With its comfortable design these TV glasses offer a comfortable fit no matter the shape or size of your head – so sit back and relax while enjoying your favorite media or live video footage on these magnificent big-screen video glasses.

3.FPV 7 Inch Display “SkyView” – 800×480 Resolution, 2000mAh Battery, 400cd/m2 Brightness, PAL, NTSC

Key Features…

  • The 7 inch FPV monitor is perfect for outdoor aerial photography
  • 400cd/m2 and sunshade make viewing easy even on sunny days
  • Enjoy 800×480 footage for greater control of your FPV footage
  • 2000mAh battery and low power consumption brings hours of usage from every charge

This new “SkyView” 728FPV display is a 7 inch monitor that comes with a 2000mAh battery that will keep it running for up to xx hours and it can also be powered externally via the 9 to 35V DC adapter. With a 32 channel 5.8Ghz diversity that is unaffected by 2.4GHz R/V radios you can get FPV from your drones and sports action cameras without any signal interference.

The “SkyView” screen is a TFT display showing in 800×480 resolution and with and 400cd/m2 brightness as well as screen shade it is easy to view your FPV footage. Auto switching between PAL or NTSC offers support for both common AV input standards and the straightforward buttons let you adjust the screen settings and set receiver channels.

Keep command of your drone with the “SkyView” 728FPV monitor that will let you build a stunning FPV ground station for your air traffic control so you can fly with confidence and control

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